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  2. We all can hope and I really like your signature. Back in the day associates and myself used to say that instead of saying the classic "fuck bitches, get money".
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  4. Haha - maybe this year will be the one.
  5. I got the vaccine and it wasn't bad at all.
  6. I have a keen intuition that this year will bring new life to this community. 🤔
  7. The illness of Covid-19 effecting me personally? Not at all. Now for how it's playing out is annoying... I hope 🎅 will bring a vaccine. (Now if I take it is another thought in itself though.)
  8. Still kickin'! Hope COVID hasn't affected anyone too negatively 🙂
  9. Hello everyone, is anyone still alive?
  10. also here steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tyestor (i have a fucked GPU atm so haven't been using steam much recently) PSN: tyestor i just checked my FB. i have captainplanet, jewnaz and industry. i also apparently have this account added. kek.
  11. you can contact me on a couple sites, i have a facebook but i barely use it. i think i have captainplanet and few others on FB (maybe industry?) discord: azzindrac#7115 MAL: tyestor
  12. haven't been here for a while. surprised tC is still around. @Ghost is still alive (i think, haven't spoken in a while) add me on discord frens: azzindrac#7115 also, thanks for admin access, it has been been a dream of of mine for over a decade to expel jewnaz from tC thank you for this power, @Reneg4d3
  13. Is everyone okay with the whole covid-19 thing?
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